We're a group of ABUSED IT professionals who had worked for Xcel Solutions Corp. a NJ based company. We are determined to share the truth about this life-ruining scammy company and his scumbag owner Mr. Jit Goel (AKA. Jit Kumar or Jitendra Kumar Goel)

Mail from Mr. Jitendra Something

I got a mail from Mr. Jit last week but I was unable to read it until now, I'm glad to know that our message here is reaching the people I intended to when I first wrote all this truths. I also want you all to know that I will not stop this community as a result of this guy's threats and aggressive comments. So to make things clear I want to share some snips from his email, I'm not posting it complete because is way too lengthy but if someone wants it, send me an email and I'll gladly forward you a copy.

So, on his mail, Mr. Jit is telling me that I'm behaving in an "unprofessional way", asking me to comment about my achievements and deliveries at Xcel and trying to sell the idea that as an employee at Xcel you get what you give. Well sir, that's complete bullshit. Even if you are a "low performer" (as he calls them) and deserves to be kicked out the company (which luckily was not my case), that doesn't give Xcel Solutions the right to treat you like garbage, am I right?

On his mail, he also "invites" me to meet him personally to confront him (I wonder what for) in this paragraph I quote below:

If you have the guts and you are a genuine professional, I would like you to disclose your personal identity and confront with me directly face-2-face rather than doing this cheap things in the back. Give me a call on my mobile (I snipped out his mobile number) to discuss in detail.

Well, the fact that he is questioning my professionalism is something I'm completely ok with, I rather be a honest person than a "professional" with such low values. As for the invitation, I can only say: Discuss in detail what Mr. Cry Baby? I do have the guts to write all this and forward it to his current employees and probably his customers, but I'm not stupid. If he can set up a huge scam like Xcel Solutions, am I supposed to expect a civilized meeting with this guy? Hell no.

Anyways, Mr. Jit's mail continues with this:

Do not beg from other employees to support you in your wrong doings, I think
others are smarter than you and they think logically and rationally. I do not
think neither the employees not the clients are stupid enough like you not to
realize if XCEL is doing any wrong practice. Are you under stress or mentally
imbalance because of economic recession?

Well with all due respect, I certainly hope the current employees at Xcel are not as stupid as I was when I decided to join Mr. Jit's company and as you all can see, I don't need support from anybody; I'm just inviting those who have suffered from his abuses to speak their minds out, an action that relieves stress and that may help others avoid the damage that Xcel Solutions eventually will bring to their lives if they decide to either join this company or remain in there.

Let's continue with the mail:

Let me challenge you: Why don't you start a business of your own with 100s
employees and see if you become successful. I would dream to join you as an
employee and put a blog like this for you. I do not think you have the daring to
do so.

If your face rendered like this guy's face after reading the last paragraph, then gimme five. Ohh and by the way 100 employees? give me a break Jit, last thing I heard is that your company doesn't even have half that number. Let's continue:

If ever you were a good professional, you wouldn't do this act and remove all these nonsense. It's an equal employment opportunity. One thing is for sure, these blogs and your email will make me EVEN STRONGER to stay more powerful and push me harder to prove even better (thank you for this).

To this, I have to say: First, truth could be understood as an opposite of nonsense. Second, if all this effort makes you not only "even stronger" but a more honest an honorable person then, you are sooo welcome.

I hope you look at yourself and your "karma". I know my karma very well. I will be paid for my wrong doings - you do not need to worry. You manage yourself. What you did this is an cowardish act and not a rewarding behavior.

Good luck to you.


Well I'll be damned! He actually admits his "wrong doings", that's a good start. As for the "cowardish act" he might be right, but I don't want to go to jail by confronting this asshole and doing to him what he deserves, I have a family that counts on me, however I couldnt just keep my mouth shut and commit an "omission sin" by not warning others of the shit-hole that Xcel Solutions is so ... I guess I'll have to face my punishment for this someday.

Thanks for reading, and thanks to this lawyer who is kindly providing up-to-date information on the mischievous practices followed by Xcel Solutions Corp (his identity will of couse be kept a secret).

3 cheers for miss_xcel who's aiding the cause

I found miss_xcel's links which is a collection of many sites related to the scams and abuses performed by Xcel Solutions over the past 4 years, here is the link:

I would also like to send my regards to this guys who are fighting "the good fight", best of luck for you.



Help us stop abuses from Xcel Solutions Corp

Xcel Solutions Corp is a company that lies about what they do and what they offer, not only to their clients but also and most of all, to employees. Even when Xcel Solutions have the resources to become a strong company worldwide, their strategy to grow seems to be by stepping their dirty black boots on the employee’s faces where a master of lies dedicates his life to hypnotize people, making them quit on their jobs only to join a chaotic "company" to ruin their motivations, finances, their stomachs and in some cases, their personal life.

This pseudo-leader is called Jit Goel, also known as Jit Kumar or Jitendra Goel (or Kumar or whatever his real name is, no one knows for sure). He resembles a nice and charismatic business man, but in reality, he is the only one who earns money, who can have a good life, while his clients get late delivers and his employees, late coming homes and lots of headaches.This blog is aimed to the people, clients or employees who have suffered any interaction with Xcel Solutions Corp or his untrustworthy owner Jit Goel. New Jersey, Mexico, Philippines and now (as they mentioned in their website) India, these locations around the world are the set of many mobbing plays, where they don't pay you on time or they refuse to pay you at all, they give you empty promises, they push you until you decide to quit so they don't give you what by law you deserve, they may ruin your career, they make you feel sad about your work, as if offering your entire time to the company wasn't enough! ... Well, the time is now; this is a blog for you to speak out your experiences.

If words like: "you are stupid", “you are not able to run/fly at the speed of XCEL", 'I am disappointed on you", 'this is garbage", " you are a loss for XCEL", "if you don't sell I can't pay you", "you are not good for the company", "XCEL has no money to pay your medical inssurance" and many more come to your head and make you feel frustrated, then of course, YOU WORK (or worked for) @ Xcel!

So come and share with the IT community your experience, so people don't join this "pseudo-company" anymore. Add a comment or send an e-mail to: xcelsux(at) and I will gladly post your messages here.